How to create a daily budget without going crazy

piggy bank picture on home page
Picture of a piggy bank on the home page

It is hard to save money, the price of living is rising daily and its seems like nothing is affordable anymore. Somehow we live through all of the debt, high gas prices, and all the financial twists and turns of life.  You have to be very strategic with the way you spend your money.  Planning a budget may be the only way that you can save up for important things. Besides it will teach you not to be too loose with your spending.

Below are a few suggestions that will help you plan your first budget, and hopefully get you started on saving for all of your future plans.
Set  goals. How much do you want to save?  Whenever you save for something big it’s good to have an idea of how much it will cost. You may be saving for a trip, or a new car, maybe you are just saving for a rainy day.  Create a figure in your mind and give yourself a certain amount of time to reach that goal.  It does not have to be a ridiculous number, but it does have to be substantial enough to put toward your goal.  Don’t be discouraged, this could be achieving small goals until you work you way up to your ultimate goal.
For example, say you are saving for a trip to another country.  You know that you will have to save thousands, but you also know that you need a passport.  Achieving this small goal , will not only be highly relevant to your cause it will be one sure step toward the ultimate goal.
Figure out your weekly net income. Sit down and figure out how much are paid after taxes and write that number down .  If you can do this for the month that would be even better.
Subtract all monthly bills and expenses from income. After you subtract all of your bills, the amount you have left is called disposable income or leisure money.  This is leisure money is what you are going to make a habit of saving.
Create a savings plan.  Decide how much you will save out of your disposable income each day, week, or month. Create a reasonable figure to save, stress on reasonable. This savings plan shouldn’t feel like a detention, but you may have to make some small changes to your spending habits to achieve this goal. So make sure the number is something that you can live with.
Decide where you will keep your money. Will you open a bank account or are you the safe type?  Maybe neither, you may have a plan to invest in something like Bitcoin. Whatever your reasoning,make sure you have a safe place for keeping your hard earned cash.
Make sure it is kept somewhere where you can’t touch it .  This works better if the money is kept outside of the house. Everyone does not trust or deal with banks though.  Although this may be a little bit harder if you are using a safe, it is not impossible.  You just have to stay focused.
Stick to the savings plan . Now that you have put all of this in place you are well on your way to saving. All you have to do is focus on the ultimate goal .
Don’t forget to focus on smaller goals that are relevant to what you are trying to achieve. These goals could be a wide number of things, so be creative and have fun.  Remember that this is something that is beneficial. Stay Strong. Happy Savings.

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